Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Production Management

As an independent Technical Analysts, product design, development and program management company, RDI Engineering uses the latest in the state-of-the art in CAD, Analysis and program management software to start and finish each custom project.

CAD Software:  Solidworks, AutoCad, Inventor.

Analytical Studies: Stress-displacement analysis, Fluid Flow Analysis, Electromagnetic power and coil sizing calculations & Solenoid Design, Reliability Analysis, Energy Analysis-Thermal and Electric Power calculations. Material and Manufacturing process selection analysis, Project life-Cycle and Financial justification and payback analysis.

SYSTEM DESIGN: Vacuum Furnace Design, High Pressure & Temperature Thermal heat treating system design, Resistive Heating Power Calculations for stationary and movable Hotzones to meet time-temperature profile per alloy and load. High pressure-high-velocity closed loop gas cooling system design named by RDI Engineering as “Quantum Quench ” vacuum furnace, size and design closed and open loop water cooling systems, Pneumatic circuits and actuator design, automatic load handling and transfer mechanism design RDI Engineering provides a full turnkey thermal system acquisition management including cost/benefit analysis, plant layout and footprint with utilities requirements to supervision of system design, production, installation and start up.

Instrumentation Design: Fluid Control Instrumentation Design: RDI Engineering designs and manufactures instrument grade precision fluid control components for application in the Semiconductor, Aerospace and Industrial markets. For a list of products offered by RDI Engineering please refer to the Product List.


Package : Each project starts with a Request For Information, or a Request For Quote from our customers and followed up by communication with the customer’s Technical Staff to finalize a mutually understood Statement of Work and the required Product Specifications. Upon receiving an order from our customer, RDI completes a product layout Produce Details, Sub-Assemblies and Final drawings with Bill of Materials.

Engineering Design & Drawings

Manufacturing/Assembly & Test Documents: Included with each project are writing of Shop Processes, Assembly, Acceptance and Qualification Test Procedures and progress and Final Test reports to customer.

SDRL: Supplier Data Requirement List. RDI Engineering reviews each project thoroughly and identifies those items critical to the performance reliability of the product and assures that they are prepared accurately and submitted through customer’s data management department for review and approval prior to the delivery of the product.

Management: At RDI Engineering we consider ourselves as an extension of our customer’s Engineering Department and their Technical Team, by sustaining communication, holding PDR & CDR meetings, producing and releasing to Manufacturing the final Engineering package, and use of Project management program to track process and procurement activities, we can start and finish your project with transparent communication and response to your budget, schedule and by meeting the stringent technical performance requirements.