Advanced Analysis

Simple or complex, design elements require stress analysis to determine their structural integrity under working and environmental load conditions. Whether you need to evaluate performance of an existing in-use product or to optimize performance of a new product still in the design phase, RDI Engineering can provide the expert technical support for achieving the performance objectives of the products manufactured by your company.

At RDI Engineering we apply the highest level of technical and professional expertise with over fifty years of combined and field proven experience in design, analysis, testing and product development to assist your technical team to maximize your customer's confidence to reliably use products designed and manufactured by your company.

With combined experience built on solid engineering disciplines, theoretical analysis and product design and development, RDI Engineering offers Advanced Analysis (Finite Element Analysis, Fluid analysis) services in the following areas of expertise:

►Computational Model Creation:

RDI Engineering uses 2D and 3D computational model creating software to visually represent a precise and accurate digital geometry of the model for Computational Analysis.

Advanced Material Characterization:

RDI Engineering will use material properties published by reliable sources and with consultation with client, including data from NASA’s, MAPTIS, Statically derived Material properties per MMPDS, Mil-Certified Material Data, Laboratory Tested Samples, or from standard digital libraries.

Special Note on Fatigue Analysis:
For accurate Fatigue Analysis, Data will be attained form Customer or from Mil-Tested and Certified source. In addition, RDI Engineering can provide Laboratory derived fatigue data based on material supplied by customer.

Computational Analysis:

RDI Engineering uses advanced, state-of-the-art Computational Engineering Analysis
Software to reliably provide analysis in following areas of experies:

Structural Analysis, Static and Dynamic
Fatigue Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Flow Analysis


RDI Engineering will publish and provides a clear and easy to read easy
to understand final report for designers to make decision to whether release the design to manufacturing,  or modify to improve by design and analysis iteration to achieve high level of confidence in product performance and integrity.    

A Simplified Example of Finite Element Analysis is, Linear or Non-Linear Analysis in a Metallic Seal

Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis

Applied Load
3D Model

Applied Pressure & Temperature
Boundary Conditions

Fixed Edge
Mesh Generation

Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis


Stress Distribution

Displacement Distribution